Meet the Best Teachers

......Moriah Ever Vigilant...... "Jack"


A Morgan horse born March 6, 2002 Jack is Karen's old show horse, together they won the 2011 Reserve National Champion in Huntseat Road Hack and 2015 World Champions in Carriage Driving. He is now teaching young and old people to ride and show just like he did with Karen!

.............Millionaire Max............. "Max"


Max is a sneaky appaloosa (his spots like to hide!) born April 15, 2005. He's our go-to horse for teaching western and he can always be trusted to take care of his riders! He's our magical white steed.

........Partyn' Overtime........ "Batman"


If you use your imagination you can see how Batman got his name. Born March 31, 2006 this tall but gentle guy is a paint horse who loves his cookies! Just ask him!

.......Three Socks Sonny....... "Socks"


Another sneaky appaloosa (no spots at all!) Socks is our old Grandpa born April 16, 1998. He's a multiple State 4-H Champion and placed Top Ten at the Appaloosa Youth World Show. Perfect for the little kids but still clever enough to present a challenge for more skilled riders.

........Ensbrook Aviance........ "Avi"


A morgan mare born May 26, 1999  but don't let her age fool you, this gal is full of spunk and loves to go! Despite this, she is one of our best for the tiny tot lessons, she knows when she has a tiny person and does her best to care for them and go as slow as needed.

...Spiritwood Bold N Sassy... "Diana"


This mare has more spots on her than our appaloosas but don't let that fool you, she's all morgan horse! Born April 23, 2009 this makes her one of our younger lesson horses but she's a doll with the littles and takes great care with them!